Coopers releases beer designed to age like wine

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 7th August 2017

Dr. Tim Cooper Coopers Brewery. Regency Park, South Australia. Photo: John Krüger

Coopers is now selling a beer designed to age like wine.

The ‘Coopers Extra Strong 2017 Vintage Ale’ can be cellared similar to wine, something Coopers National Sales and Marketing Director, Cam Pearce, says is rare in Australia.

“This is one of the few beers on the market that is designed to age and is unique in Australia,” Pearce said.

The beer is part of Coopers’ vintage range that sees the brewer release a limited-edition beer each year, something Coopers has been doing since 1998.

Along with ageing well, the 2017 vintage is high in alcohol with an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 7.5 per cent. The beer also has a enriched malt flavour and its distinguished by its crimson-red colour.

There is a limited-number of kegs and cartons of the 2017 vintage available from key alcohol retails across Australia. The recommended retail price is AUD $27.00 for a six-pack of 355ml bottles.


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