Miniature food trend becoming viral

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th May 2016

Not too long ago fast food restaurants were trying to win over customers with larger serving sizes and cheap upgrades to giant drinks and fries.
Things have now come full circle with ‘miniature food’ fast becoming the latest viral internet craze.
Using the smallest ingredients possible, internet users are filming themselves cooking everything from miniature steaks to replicas of KFC meals.
Just some of the many miniature cooking videos include:
Mini Food Pancake

Mini Food Cheeseburger

Mini Food Pizza

The trend originates out of Japan where miniature cooking kits have been sold for years. Thanks to YouTube and social media, the craze is now spreading internationally.
Fake food turned into art
Although the miniature food craze involves creating edible food, fake food is also receiving attention this month.
A new book called Nearly Eternal by artists Norbet Schoerner and Steve Nakamura, is turning plastic replicas of food into pieces of art.
As US supermarket expert, Phil Lempert explains, the book includes photographs of both real and fake food but does not explain which is which.