Cheese can be an acquired taste says researchers

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 19th June 2017

Researchers have found evidence that those who do not like cheese can acquire a taste for it after continuous taste tests.

Researchers at Ewha Womans University in South Korea fed 78 South Korean women different types of cheese over one month, finding even though brie, emmental, gouda and sharp cheddar cheeses were not enjoyed initially, acceptance levels grew by the end of the month.

The experiment did not however work on all types of cheese, with the women generally not acquiring a taste for parmesan or gorgonzola by the end of the month.

Environment does not influence taste

The researchers also tested whether the environment in which a cheese is eaten can impact on whether it is liked or not.

The women ate cheese both in a laboratory environment and in “more natural surrounds”, with the researchers concluding environment did not play a role in whether they liked the cheese or not.


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