“Cold pressed raw milk” approved for sale in NSW

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th June 2016

A “cold pressed raw milk” has been approved by the NSW Food Authority for sale in the state.

Its producer, Made By Cow, says they use “intense isotatic cold water pressure” to eliminate any harmful bacteria.

For many years, raw milk has been banned from sale for  human consumption in Australia due to concerns it contains bacteria which can cause illness. Raw milk was however being sold as a cosmetic product for use in the baths. Concerns were sparked in 2014 when a bath milk product was connected to the death of a three-year old who drank it. Subsequently, each of the states and territories initiated a review and introduction of different regulatory measures to tighten controls over the sale of raw milk. In the state of Victoria, the law was changed so that raw milk for cosmetic purposes was required to be made inedible by the mandatory addition of a bitter agent.

Made By Cow is promoting its milk as “the world’s first safe to drink raw milk” and it says on its website that “Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk is minimally processed to make it safe, whilst retaining as much of milk’s natural, wholesome goodness as possible.”

The company says its cold pressure process is gentler on the milk’s nutrients so those who drink it get of the nutrients coming from the cow.

“In fact tests show our patented cold high pressure method is gentler on milk’s nutrients, which means that you get more of the rich, essential nutrients straight from the cow like vitamins B1, B2, B12, A and potassium,” the Made By Cow website says.

The milk is being sold Harris Farm Markets, About Life and other independent grocery stockists across NSW.