Latest US beverage trends as reported by JWT Intelligence

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th July 2016

TeaFollowing on from its latest food trends report, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence (JWTI) has named several important US beverage trends on display at the recent New York Summer Fancy Food Show. The show is America’s largest specialty food and beverage event held annually in New York. The latest trends on display included: 

  1. Sparkling water and healthy soft drinks

According to JWTI, soda is continuing to decline in popularity in the US. Consumers are still however interested in carbonated beverages such as flavoured sparkling water. With many non-alcoholic beverages to choose from in the US, JWTI says soft drink producers are also trying to experiment with different ways to stand out, such as unique flavours and added health benefits.

  1. Yaupon tea

JWTI reports that businesses looking for the latest caffeinated beverage to take off are exploring yaupon tea. Yaupon tea was traditionally drunk by Native Americans and is made out of yaupon leaf plants. The tea contains caffeine along with antioxidants.

  1. Birch water

After coconut water took off as a beverage trend a couple of years ago, JWTI says the door has now opened for other water alternatives. A possible follow on from coconut water could be birch water which is made with birch tree sap. Birch water is slightly sweet and contains proteins, vitamins and minerals so has the potential to become popular internationally like coconut water.