Red Bull releases kiwi-apple energy drink

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st August 2016

Red Bull is releasing a kiwi-apple flavoured energy drink under its ‘Summer Edition’ branding.

Red Bull says innovation in flavoured energy drinks is important for future category growth and that the taste of energy drinks is one of the main barriers to getting Australians to purchase the beverages.

In 2015, Red Bull released a tropical flavoured Red Bull under the Summer Edition name and saw 30 per cent of its sales go to those who had never brought energy drinks before.

The tropical flavoured Red Bull also increased the sale of Red Bull across the 2015/16 summer by 167 per cent when compared to the prior summer.

The kiwi-apple flavoured Red Bull will be available in a 250ml can that has a recommended retail price of AUD $2.85. Take home four packs can be purchased with a recommended retail price of AUD $10.19.

The drink will be promoted with an integrated marketing campaign which will run in the lead up to summer.