WA to establish container deposit scheme

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd August 2016

Western Australia will be establishing its own container deposit scheme, offering 10c per plastic drink container returned for recycling.

The refund will be issued through ‘reverse vending machines’ which collect used bottles. Collection depots will also be set up at parks, beaches and other public spaces across the state. It is expected the scheme will begin mid-2018.

Premier of WA, Colin Barnett, said community desire for a container deposit scheme was strong.

“With a 10 cent refund available, there is a greater incentive to recycle as everyone can benefit from doing the right thing,” Barnett said.

WA Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, said the scheme will allow sporting groups and charity to collect bottles from events to raise money.

“I have been persuaded by the success of schemes in other States and Territories,” Jacob said.

“South Australia records higher recycling rates than any other State and significantly less beverage container litter and WA has the highest percentage of drinks containers in our litter.  I believe a scheme will make a big difference in this State,” he stated.

South Australia has been running its container deposit scheme since 1977. The Northern Territory introduced a container deposit scheme in 2012. New South Wales announced in May 2016 it would be establishing a container deposit scheme.

Western Australia has indicated a smaller scheme could be introduced into WA in 2018.