Cadbury is Australia’s favourite chocolate brand, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th August 2016

New data from Roy Morgan Research has shown that Cadbury is, by far, Australia’s favourite chocolate brand. Ten of the country’s 15 most widely consumed chocolate bars are produced by Cadbury.

The top 15 chocolate bars in Australia

  1. Cadbury 50g bar
  2. Kit Kat
  3. Cherry Ripe (Cadbury)
  4. Mars Bar
  5. Snickers
  6. Freddo Frog (Cadbury)
  7. Crunchie (Cadbury)
  8. Turkish Delight (Cadbury)
  9. Boost (Cadbury)
  10. Caramello Koala (Cadbury)
  11. Flake (Cadbury)
  12. Ferrero Rocher
  13. Picnic (Cadbury)
  14. Bounty
  15. Twirl (Cadbury)

 How much chocolate are Australians eating?

In any given four-week period, 52.8 per cent of the Australian population are eat at least one chocolate bar, approximately 42 per cent of the population eat chocolate blocks and 18.6 per cent boxed chocolates.

Out of those eating at least one chocolate bar a month, 55.8 per cent also eat a chocolate block. Approximately 25 per cent of regular chocolate bar eaters also eat boxed chocolates at least once every four weeks.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, said the research results confirmed that when it comes to chocolate there is “no such thing as moderation.”

“As the country’s chocolate-bar eaters demonstrate, consuming chocolate is not an isolated activity,” Morris said.

“If you eat one kind of chocolate in an average four-week period, you’re more than likely to eat at least one other kind in the same period, and may well drink chocolate-flavoured beverages as well,” he stated.