The Aussie Craft Beer taking the industry by storm

Posted by Media Release Agency on 25th November 2019

With 1 in 70 Australians diagnosed with coeliac disease and 14% reporting a sensitivity to gluten, many think a refreshing beer is off the agenda (1).

TWØBAYS Brewing Co is the first dedicated gluten free brewing company with a taproom in Australia – offering a safe and tasty craft beer experience to everyone.

TWØBAYS Brewing Co was born from the need to avoid gluten and a trip to America which opened the eyes of Founder, Richard Jeffares, to breweries in Portland, Seattle, Denver and Montreal who were crafting high quality, gluten free beers.

Jeffares decided to bring the gluten free craft beer ethos to Australia and the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Jeffares is joined by head brewer, Andrew Gow, who has more than 20 years of experience and a keen thirst to create not just a gluten free beer, but a high quality product.

Jeffares explains that, “gluten free grains have their own flavour profile, which is different to barley, but we don’t see that as a barrier; we see it as an opportunity.”

“Wine is pressed using an assortment of grape varieties and beer can be brewed from many grains – not just barley, wheat and rye”,

“There is no doubt that barley is the predominant beer-brewing malt, but gluten free grains (like millet) have been used in brewing for more than 5000 years – so it’s been done before” says, Jeffares.

Several of TWØBAYS Brewing Co’s products are certified and endorsed by Coeliac Australia and use the essential ingredients needed to craft beer: malts, hops and water, which have had no absolutely no contact with gluten.

“Alternative gluten free grains include, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, rice, quinoa, corn, lentils and even chestnuts”, says Jeffares.

This is an exciting time for Jeffares who does not see his diagnosis as a limitation to the things he enjoyed before diagnosis.

This journey, is not designed purely for people sensitive to gluten, but for anyone who wants to experience a new tasty take on traditional beer – with the full range of styles.

TWØBAYS Brewing Co can be found in over 550 venues and bottle shops across Australia and in their own Taphouse which is based in Dromana, Victoria.