Top foodie trends for the remainder of 2016

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th August 2016

A new study has revealed what foodie trends are in for the remainder of 2016 and what ones are on the way out.

Conducted by point-of-sale technology provider, Impos, 400 hospitality business owners, managers and workers were surveyed in order to discover what will be popular amongst Australians for the rest of the year.

Chief Executive Officer of Impos, Sean O’Meara, said the trends showed food variety and craft beverages are among the biggest trends predicted for the last half of the year.

“Eating out is usually a social experience involving people with different tastes,” O’Meara said.

“To please everyone, it is important for hospitality venues to offer some variety on their menus. As the data from our research shows, if you narrow your focus too much, you risk losing customers,” he stated.

The trends are as follows:

Food and beverage trends for the remainder of 2016

  • Locally sourced produce
  • Produce grown by the eater
  • Vegetarian, vegan and organic food
  • American-style burgers
  • BBQ
  • Craft beer and cider
  • Locally made alcohol
  • Health conscious juice

Food and beverage trends on the way out

  • Maintaining a diet that is consists of only healthy food or only “junk” food
  • Venues which only sell one food item
  • Pre-mixed or bottled cocktails
  • “Freakshakes” (milkshakes over following with ingredients and extras)
  • Beverages served in mason jars

Dining trends for the remainder of 2016

  • Mobile venues including ‘pop-ups’ and mobile trucks
  • Outdoor venues including floating bars and rooftop venues
  • Modern and minimalist venues

Dining trends on the way out

  • Pub refurbishments
  • Scandinavian designed venues
  • Retro designed venues