Be Natural now selling new granolas to be eaten with coconut water

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th October 2016

Be Natural is now selling new cereals, granolas and snack bars in Australian supermarkets.

The new range includes ‘Coco-nutty Granola’ which is the first granola sold in Australia designed to be eaten with coconut water rather than milk.

Coco-nutty Granola is made with spelt, shredded coconut, nuts, seeds or fruits and is available in two flavours, coconut, almond, spelt and cinnamon or coconut, spelt and fig.

“The decision to create a granola designed to be served with coconut water was inspired by the natural food movement and responds to an increased demand for milk alternatives at breakfast time,” said Ally Wettengel from Be Natural.

Alongside the new granola, new Be Natural organics, Be Natural crunchy granola and seed bars and Be Natural muesli and quinoa bars will be available.

Be Natural products will also now appear in newly designed packaging.

“We felt it was time for the category to experience a bit of a shake up and we see these new ranges as the perfect addition to spring breakfast and snack options,” said Wettengel.

Be Natural’s Coco-nutty Granola 450g boxes are available from Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets. The recommended retail price is AUD $5.99.