Brexit blamed for Toblerone’s weight loss in UK

Posted by Ian Grinblat on 9th November 2016

British consumers of Toblerone are blaming Brexit for an 11.7 per cent reduction in the weight of their chocolate of choice and are outraged that they have received no reduction in price.

The weight reduction by 20g to 150g was achieved by widening the spaces between the triangles.

One consumer complained that the bar’s characteristic “peaks and valleys” which used to look like the Swiss Alps now look more like Holland.

This follows two cases in the same month where British prices were raised to offset higher costs for the product in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Mondelez International, the maker of the treat which first appeared in 1908, says that Brexit is not to blame. They say that ingredient prices are higher globally.

Poundland, the UK discounter which sells goods for One pound, had resisted the market price increase.

It is unclear if the new Toblerone bar will be sold in Australia where the bar has previously attracted criticism for not conforming to the label-designated serving size.

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