Millennials less likely to drink than their elders, Nielsen

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 21st August 2017

Australian millennials are less likely to drink their elders a new Nielsen research study has found.

Just over half of Millennials (those aged 18-34) said they consumed alcohol in the past month, compared to 65 per cent of Generation X (those aged 35-54) and 72 per cent of Baby Boomers (aged 55+).

What Millennials like to drink

Nielsen reports that Millennials favourite drink is beer with 26 per cent having consumed the beverage in the past month.

Generation X and Baby Boomers appear to enjoy beer more however with 34 per cent of Generation X consuming beer in the past month and 33 per cent of Baby Boomers.

Millennials are more open to consuming other alcoholic beverages with this group:

  • 33 per cent more likely to have consumed cider (16 per cent said they had in the past month)
  • 55 per cent more likely to have consumed vodka
  • 18 per cent more likely to have consumed premixed drinks

How to win over Millennial drinkers

Nielsen research says marketers aiming to engage Millennial drinkers need to consider more than branding and product with 62 per cent of Millennial drinkers willing to reject brands and products based off their environmental impact.

Millennials are also out-and-about more than other generations with 52 per cent visiting a bar of pub in any given week, so marketing may be best suited to these venues.

More than half agree they cannot live without their mobile phones, providing another marketing avenue.

Money to be made from Millennials

Although Millennials may not drink as much as their elders, Nielsen says they are still a valuable consumer, spending more on alcohol brought on premises in the past month than Generation X and Baby Boomer customers.


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