Wholesale buyers head online to secure fresher produce for discerning consumers

Posted by Sponsored Content on 5th December 2016

Consumer demand for quality and provenance in the food they eat is changing the very nature of fresh produce supply chains. Consumers want fresher food with greater transparency and connection to its source – how it was grown or caught, where, when and by whom.

To meet this demand retailers and wholesale buyers across Australia are turning to a new online marketplace for fresh produce, the HiveXchange. Launched in May 2016, the HiveXchange is a B2B e-commerce platform that enables registered buyers to connect, communicate and trade directly with quality producers via any internet browser.

With over a 1000 pallets traded through the platform in its first full quarter and trade activity accelerating, the HiveXchange is at the leading edge of supply chain innovation.

“By creating a digital ecosystem in which buyers can review supplier profiles, purchase to specification and administer trades under logged contracts – we have brought existing market mechanisms in line with both consumer and industry demands for greater transparency” said Antonio Palanca, CEO of the HiveXchange.

“By shortening the supply chain our buyers have unlocked a lot of value for their business, as reduced handling and physical movement of the produce translates to a fresher end product and greater demand”.