Industry first innovation and supply chain integrity experts at foodpro 2017

Posted by Sponsored Content on 11th July 2017

The country’s largest food processing and manufacturing event opens this Sunday, ready to take over the newly built International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. foodpro 2017 is set to be the largest event in the show’s history, with over 360 exhibitors and thousands of visitors coming together to discuss industry issues, preview new products, and network.


Since the last foodpro event in 2014, the sophistication of technology and innovation in the industry has grown exponentially. The next generation of innovation will be represented on this year’s show floor across a range of food sectors. The following three examples of technology that’s breaking ground for the industry is just some of the highlights:

Nano-Bubble Technologies: with their patent pending injector technology that allows nano bubbles to be added at significant concentration to create incredibly small nanoscopic gas filled cavities in aqueous solution.

Coolsan Australia: will be debuting technology that has the ability to dramatically reduce the amount of food waste occurring in cool rooms, warehouses and facilities. The C6 Industrial ChillSafe® technology comes in the form of a sachet, which then works to prevent microbial growth, mould growth and excess ethylene.

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation): will be exhibiting their forward osmosis technology, which uses membranes to concentrate liquids. Forward osmosis uses considerably less pressure than evaporation, therefore it uses less energy, there is significantly less fouling and cleaning is easier.


In addition to the innovative products on display, innovation will also be evident across other show aspects. The Supply Chain Integrity Zone, supported by Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), is a new initiative focused on traceability solutions available for small manufacturers, with education a key component of the offering. From Monday to Wednesday during the show, a number of seminars will take place that cater specifically to smaller manufacturers. Featuring industry speakers as well as exhibitors in the Supply Chain Integrity Zone, they will cover a range of topics, including:

Sustainable Value Chain of the Future (Tuesday 18 July 11:30am)

Luz Sanguansri from CSIRO will share on a sustainable value chain of the future, specifically on the strategies CSIRO hopes to explore in the quest to eliminate food loss and get the most value from limited resources. With approximately one third of current food produce wasted, which contributes to food insecurity and negative environmental impacts, this presentation will serve a valuable purpose in highlighting strategies for solutions.

Future of Food Safety Auditing (Wednesday 19 July 11:30am)

Peter Holtman will be speaking on behalf of iComplied, with a seminar titled ‘The Future of Food Safety Auditing’. Peter will discuss the value of auditing, specifically how the connectivity provided by social platforms, real time streaming and computer-assisted inspection and assessment systems provide both an opportunity and a challenge for the auditing industry.

GS1 Barcode Technology (Monday 17 July 11:30am)

Andrew Steele of GS1 will be sharing on the technology that’s changing how food processors work in the retail supply chain. The GS1 barcode is over 40 years old, and is widely adopted by retailers and firmly entrenched in marketplaces all around the world. However, with the arrival of new identification technologies, such as RFID and 2D barcodes like QR codes, along with smart phone technology, the GS1 barcode’s relevance is coming under question.

As concern around food safety becomes more perennial, barcode technology needs to be able to combat issues like food fraud, anti-counterfeiting and the increases in the number of food withdrawals and recalls. Andrew will share on the technologies that are capable of doing so, and what benefits the new technology can bring to retailers, consumers and suppliers.

View the full Seminar timetable online. All sessions are free to attend, head to Room 3.5 on Level 3 of the ICC exhibition building for the sessions you are interested in attending.

foodpro 2017 is the event for those in the food processing industry wanting to find out about the latest global innovations and trends, stay competitive and efficient.


When:                       16 – 19 July 2017

Opening Hours:      Sun: 11am – 5pm; Mon & Tue: 10am – 5pm; Wed: 10am-3pm

Where:                      Sydney ICC, Darling Harbour

Registration:            Register online for free entry at using promo code AFN