Woolworths gives suppliers unprecedented access to consumer data

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th January 2017

Shopping habits will be revealed in Supplier Connect

Woolworths is giving its suppliers a whole new level of access to data on consumer shopping habits with a new online portal called “Supplier Connect”.

According to The Australian newspaper, Supplier Connect is an online portal which will provide a vast range of information on customer shopping habits with Woolworths hoping it will better allow food producers to understand the end consumer.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Australian Food News that Supplier Connect portal will comprise of:


  • a fact-based and consistent approach to measuring and recognising supplier performance, based on transparent metrics aligned with both customers and Woolworths’ priorities;
  • a more structured approach to supplier engagement delivering stronger and “consistent collaboration with our suppliers”; and
  • an enhanced customer data offer provided by one of Woolworths’ partners, Quantium, aligned to Woolworths’ internal processes and “will help support transparent and collaborative discussions between Woolworths and suppliers to drive customer-centric decisions.”

Supplier Connect began being rolled out to suppliers in October 2016.

In December 2016 an Australian Federal Court decision decided Woolworths’ Mind the Gap program was not unconscionable.

The Supplier Connect data sharing arrangements appear to represent a new beginning in the relationship of Woolworths under the management of its new CEO Brad Banducci, with Woolworths trying to make the relationship warm and trusting one.

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