‘Watermelon water’ to launch in Australia

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 27th February 2017

David Freeman from H2melon

The makers of H2coco are preparing to launch a new beverage never before sold in Australia.

‘H2melon Water’ is the company’s latest venture, a “100 per cent pure watermelon water with no added sugar, nor artificial flavours and no preservatives”.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of H2coco, David Freeman, said the drink is a long shelf-life beverage without additives or preservative, inspired by cold-pressed watermelon he tried in the USA.

H2melon follows on from the success of H2coco coconut water and its flavour variations; CocoChoc and CocoEspresso.

The beverage will be sold both in 500ml and 1 litre serving sizes in Woolworths and Caltex Starmarts from late March 2017. It will then be sold in other Australian and New Zealand supermarkets and convenience stores from April 2017.


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