CHOICE decides who has Australia’s best hot cross buns

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 10th March 2017

Consumer advocacy group, CHOICE, has announced what it thinks are Australia’s bets hot cross buns available for Easter 2017.

Topping its list is Coles Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns with a score of seven out of 10.

CHOICE said the Coles buns “wowed” its testers who were impressed by the buns flavour and texture. One tester described the buns as having a “very nice tasting, lovely moist chewy texture”. Nearly 60 per cent of CHOICE’s 37 tasters gave Coles their highest score.

Bakers Delight was given second place, receiving an overall score of 6.9 out of 10. The buns were praised for their glossy appearance, taste and texture, but run at a much higher price than Coles, $7.00 for a pack of six, as compared to $3.50 for the same number of buns at Coles.

Australia’s 2017 hot cross buns as ranked by CHOICE

CHOICE’s complete rankings are as follows:

  1. Coles – 7/10
  2. Bakers Delight – 6.9/10
  3. Brumby’s – 6.2/10
  4. Aldi – 5.4/10
  5. Woolworths – 4.8/10
  6. Aussie Farmers Direct – 3/10

CHOICE determined its rankings by using 37 blinded testers who were asked to comment on smell, texture and flavour.


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