Woolworths predicts massive 2017 Easter trade

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 12th April 2017

Australian shoppers will be buying up big when it comes to food this Easter says Woolworths.

In 2016, Woolworths sold 63 million hot cross buns, but is predicting it will sell even more this Easter.

Woolworths Head of Bakery, Simon Lunn, said many Australians purchase hot cross buns well ahead of Easter, with the product in high demand for the product since the start of 2017.

“Though traditional fruit buns remain the favourite, we always like to provide our customers with a variety of flavours as the demand for alternative options increases,” Lunn said.

Hot cross bun varieties available at Woolworths this Easter include traditional, fruitless, chocolate and mocha.

In 2016, those living in New South Wales purchased the most hot cross buns from Woolworths, taking home 17.6 million buns. Queensland was hot on its heels with 17 million buns purchased and Victoria a close third, with 15 million buns take home from Woolworths.

To help cater to the demand for hot cross buns, Woolworths has employed an additional 625 in-store bakes in the lead up to Easter.

Seafood silly

Hot cross buns are not the only food Woolworths says will be in high-demand this Easter.

The supermarket says demand for seafood will increase by 120 per cent in the final days before Good Friday.

It estimated Woolworths will sell 420, 000 kilograms of seafood ahead of Easter Sunday with prawns the biggest seller. Approximately 258, 000kg of prawns will be sold and 140, 000kg’s of salmon will be purchased.

Chocolate crazy

The last big seller for Woolworths this Easter will of course be chocolate.

Woolworths says it will sell 13 million Easter chocolates before Easter Sunday. The supermarket also believes an extra 150, 000 kilograms of chocolate will be sold this Easter.


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