Four‘N Twenty spices things up

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 29th March 2017

Patties Foods is launching a new Four‘N Twenty pie flavour to warm up its customers this winter.

The new pie is chilli beef in flavour and comes with a warning on the pack saying “Caution, Hot & Spicy!”

The pie will be launched with a marketing campaign centred around asking “Can you handle the heat?”

Marketing Manager at Four‘N Twenty, Mario Matchado, said the new flavour was developed with adventurous eaters in mind.

“Chilli has been identified as one of the key condiment flavour trends for 2017 and beyond,” Matchado said.

Four‘N Twenty says the meat in its Chilli Beef pie is slow-cooked for 8-hours and is 100 per cent Australian beef.

The pie will be available from Australian petrol and convenience stores from April 2017.


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