Young Aussie entrepreneur finds gap in market for protein water

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 1st November 2017

A young Australian entrepreneur has won retailer support for his innovative new beverage. Some of Australia’s biggest retailers are being stocked with the new product, BODIE’z Protein Water.

‘BODIE’z Protein Water has just been picked up by Aldi Victoria and Chemist Warehouse after its founder, Bodie Lazar recognised a gap in the protein market.

As someone who exercised and consumed protein shakes, Bodie Lazar was motivated to create an alternative new product in the category

“It’s a hydrating, all in-one replenishment and a healthy refreshing alternative for anyone looking to ditch sugary sports drinks, masked as a healthier option,” Lazar said about his product.

What’s in BODIE’z Protein Water?

BODIE’z Protein Water includes whey protein isolate, vitamins, electrolytes and un-fractured branched chain amino acids.

It is available in a variety of flavours including berry, orange and kiwi.

BODIE’z claims its protein water contains no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

“With many saying my clear Protein Water could be the healthiest drink in the world, what I am sure of is that it is definitely revolutionary in the functional drink category,” Lazar said.

Lazar is now in attempting to start exporting his waters to countries outside Australia. The 15g product has an RRP of $3.50. The 30g product has an RRP of $5.50.

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