Organic hot dogs now available at Woolworths

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 10th May 2017

Australia’s first widely available certified organic beef hot dog range is now being sold in Woolworths supermarkets.

The hot dog, produced by Cleaver’s Organic, is made using Australian beef, spices, vegetable extracts, onion and garlic.

Alister Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of Cleaver’s parent company, Arcadian Organic, said consumers are looking for delicious and convenient food made from healthy ingredients.

“Families trust Cleaver’s to provide high quality organic food for their loved ones so we rose to the challenge for them,” Ferguson said.

The hot dogs are gluten free and have wood smoked flavour.

It is suggested that they are heated by simmering for six minutes or gently cooking on a hotplate or grill.

Cleaver’s hot dogs are available now from Woolworths supermarkets. The recommended retail price is AUD $7.99.


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