Frucor Beverages changes its name

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 28th June 2017

Some of the newly named Frucor Suntory's beverages

Frucor Beverages Australia has announced a company name change.

Effective immediately, Frucor Beverages will now be called Frucor Suntory, reflecting that it is owned by Japanese beverage giant, Suntory.

Suntory acquired Frucor Beverages in 2009 for AUD $1.2 billion.

Frucor Suntory brands include V Energy, Sparkling Oh!, OVI Hydration, H2Go and Rock Star Energy Drink.

Jonathan Moss, Chief Executive Officer of Frucor Suntory, said the suggestion to change names came from within Frucor.

“Suntory has invested heavily in our business while supporting our local leaders, local culture and local brands so we have had the best of both worlds,” Moss said.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved together, and see the linking of our names as a representation of our combined strength as well as the unique entrepreneurial spirit of both Frucor and Suntory,” he said.

Frucor Beverages was established in New Zealand in 1962 as part of the Apple and Pear Marketing Board. The Australian arm of the business was established in 2001.

Today, Frucor Suntory still operates in both Australia and New Zealand with up to nearly 1, 000 employees.


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