Gourmet Garden launches ‘Finishing Drizzles’

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 10th July 2017

Herb producer, Gourmet Garden, is now selling a new product range called ‘Finishing Drizzles’.

Consisting of herbs, spices and olive oil, Finishing Drizzles are designed to decorate and flavour meat cooked at home.

A number of flavours are available in the Finishing Drizzles range including salsa verde, harissa, basil pesto, chermoula, chimichurri and nuoc cham.

Head of Innovation at Gourmet Garden, Jacqui Wilson-Smith, said Finishing Drizzles were created to help customers who experience frustration flavouring their meat.

“During the eight years spent developing this range, we noticed a reinvigoration of home cooking – home cooks are now seeking inspiration to add to their repertoire and enjoy using herbs and spices to inject interesting, healthy flavours to their meals,” Wilson-Smith said.

“However, when it came to preparing a new flavour to complement grilled meat, we found that people were time poor and often reverted to packaged sauces like tomato sauce, BBQ sauce and gravy.”

Gourmet Garden Managing Director, Nick White, said that collaborative teamwork within Gourmet Garden was key to addressing this consumer pain-point.

“All areas of the business – from marketing to product development to operations – were aligned in creatively solving the pain points consumers face in getting a tasty, yet also healthy, meal on the table every night”, White said.

Gourmet Garden’s Finishing Drizzles come in pour pouches designed to serve 2-3 people. The recommended retail price is AUD $3.00 for each pouch which can be purchased from Coles supermarkets.

Gourmet Garden is owned by McCormick’s which acquired the brand in May 2016.


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