Online tool launched to help farmers start co-operatives

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 19th July 2017

A new online tool has launched to help guide Australian farmers on how to start a co-operative.

The tool is operated by the Australian Federal Government’s Farming Together resource for primary producers. Since it first launched a month ago, 70 new agriculture co-operatives have used the tool to help establish themselves.

Lorraine Gordan, Project Director of Farming Together, said many do not realise how simple it is to form a co-operative.

“A co-op structure has so many benefits – including tax benefits,” Gordan said.

“They traditionally underpin equipment and infrastructure to value-add primary production. And we are seeing a growing appetite for co-operative marketing structures,” she said.

The co-operative building tool provides assistance on putting together registration paperwork, writing constitutions and links to other resources.

The tool can be accessed here.


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