Continental releases three new supermarket ranges

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 28th August 2017

Unilever’s Continental is now selling three new cooking aid ranges in Australian supermarkets.

The new ranges include “Naturally Tasty Recipe Bases”, “Authentic Multi-Dish Gourmet Pastes” and “Pasta & Sauce Snack Packs”.


  1. Naturally Tasty Recipe Bases

Continental says its Naturally Tasty Recipe Bases consist of “only recognisable familiar ingredients” including herbs, spices and vegetable pieces.

The range aims to offer the convenience of a recipe base “with the satisfaction of knowing exactly what’s in the packet”.

There is four recipe bases in the range – Beef Stew, Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Curry and Spaghetti Bolognese. The bases are available from Coles and IGA. The recommended retail price is AUD $2.40 per base.


  1. Multi-Dish Gourmet Paste

Ingredients blended and simmered down into a paste that can be used to add flavour to meals. The range consist of Thai, Italian and Spanish flavours to help consumers create a range of different dishes.

Multi-Dish Gourmet Pastes are available in 210g glass jars packed in boxes and will be sold through Coles and IGA. The recommended retail price is AUD $5.00.


  1. Pasta & Sauce Snack Pack

Four of Continental’s most popular pasta and sauce products are now available in snack-sized servings.

The microwavable range can be cooked in six minutes and needs only milk and water to create. The four available flavours in the range include Bacon Carbonara, Alfredo, Macaroni Cheese and Chicken Curry.

The snack packs are available from Coles, Woolworths and IGA in packs of four. The recommended retail price is AUD $5.00.


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