Feel Free to Create Fine Bakery Products with Vegan L-Cysteine

Brought to you by WACKER on 19th September 2017

More and more people want to reduce their intake of, or even entirely avoid, food of animal origin for health or ethical reasons. Many baked goods, however, contain additives and processing aids produced from human or animal-derived sources such as hair or feathers. WACKER offers the perfect solution: vegan L-cysteine produced by starch fermentation.

The First Vegan L-Cysteine

WACKER’s L-cysteine is the first vegan L-cysteine produced by starch fermentation. In food applications, L-cysteine is ideal for producing savory flavors and it is a perfect dough conditioner for the industrial manufacture of baked goods. It simplifies the kneading and handling of dough and thus improves the overall texture and volume of the end product.

High Quality

L-cysteine products from WACKER are vegan/vegetarian, kosher and halal, as well as TSE/BSE safe. They conform to all important food and pharmaceutical quality standards.


For more information, please visit www.wacker.com/food