Meat-free Italian Eatballs and Pork-free Smoky Pulled Pork are the future of plant-based meat replacements hitting Coles this month

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th July 2019

Australian better-for-you food and beverage company Soulfresh is leading the way in the evolution of plant-based meats, with the launch of plant-powered ready-to-eat convenience meals and a BBQ classics range which tastes and looks like meat.

Eaty is the first range of realistic plant-based ready-meals to hit Australian supermarkets, which have the same texture and taste as meat. Smoky pulled ‘pork’ and Italian ‘beef’ meatballs are among the products that new brand Eaty is launching into Coles this month.

Eaty uses a meat substitute made largely from bean and pea protein which, when bound together, using technology involving heat pressurise and water, gives the same texture and mouth feel as their meat counterparts. These high protein ‘meat’ pieces are then supplemented with iron and B12 to create a similar nutritional profile as meat, without the saturated fat or impact to the environment.

Soulfrewsh CEO, Didi Lo, said: “Eaty is the next generation in meat substitutes. For a long time, people have associated meat substitutes with rubbery, bland sausages, only for vegans. By creating a meat-substitute that has the same protein as meat, and offers some sensory experience, we are providing an option for meat lovers looking for an alternative.

“With over 10 million Australians going meat free at least one day a week, Eaty caters for what is called the Tarian Generation. Whether that be flexitarians, vegetarians or meat-free Monday’atarians, Eaty is about providing convenient, delicious, better-for-you meat alternatives that are more accessible and appealing to people.”

The full Eaty range has sold out at most Independent Supermarkets since its launch last month. Eaty includes a BBQ Classics range of Gourmet ‘pork, beef and chicken’ snags, as well as Smoky Pulled ‘pork and gourmet ‘Beef’ burgers, peanut-free ;chicken’ satay and sticky ;chicken’ teriyaki. The Eaty BBQ classics and Ready-to-Eat ranges are available in the chilled health section of Coles and Independent Supermarkets in Australia, and through Countdown and New World in New Zealand.