Gelatissimo to sell charcoal flavoured gelato

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 2nd October 2017

Gelatissimo has combined two health food trends into one new gelato flavour.

The new Gelatissimo ‘Coconut Ash’ flavoured gelato combines both coconut water and activated charcoal; both ingredients Gelatissimo say are “two of the biggest health food trends this year”. Coconut Ash also includes raw cocoa beans.

Gelatissimo Product Development manager, Filiz Kaya, said: “Developing new and unique flavours is always our goal and this new limited edition gelato is great for those wanting a really refreshing ‘on-trend’ treat.”

Activated charcoal has become popular as a health food with some claiming it can help detox the body and whiten teeth. Gelatissimo says it does not claim Coconut Ash can whiten teeth or assist with detoxing.

Coconut Ash will be available for a limited-time from 30 September 2017 at Gelatissimo stores across Australia excluding Darling Quarter and Wagga Wagga.

Gelatissimo is a global franchise brand with 42 stores in Australia and 17 internationally. Founded in 2002, Gelatissimo is 100 per cent Australian owned. The company has grown into one of the largest gelato franchises in the world, establishing the brand in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


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