PepsiCo, Wrigley & others complete for new packaging edge

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 8th November 2017

PepsiCo recently hosted an interactive session at the Active & Intelligent Packaging Providers Conference in the United States seeking the very best ideas for new packaging formats.

The PepsiCo brand includes soft drinks, snack foods and sports drinks among others.

Product packaging serves two main purposes: to contain and protect the food and beverage and to be eye-catching on the shelf for the consumer.

PepsiCo encouraged conference attendees to think of ways in which packaging could be more interactive and functional.

Fooddive reports that interactivity and functionality, particularly in the form of convenience can elevate a product to ‘premium’ status.

Premium packaging and products when executed correctly, enables manufacturers to command a higher price point and boost profits.

Chewing gum one of the leaders in packaging innovation

Wrigley, owned by Mars International has recently released in Australia and the U.K. a new in-car gum holder with bottles of Extra chewing gum brands.

Snacks, confectionery and gum producers have debuted various forms of convenience-based packaging innovations.

After identifying in-car consumption as a clear growth opportunity, Wrigley developed the holder which is tailored to keep bottles of Extra to hand and front of mind.

Marketing Director for Wrigley UK Julio Guijarro said consumers are looking for chewing gum formats which suit all of their consumption needs.

“This exciting new promotion will tap into consumer demand for a convenient way to keep chewing gum to hand in the car,” Guijarro said.

Product packaging also plays a crucial role in food safety and shelf-life extension.

How is food & beverage packaging improving?

Nanotechnology and smart technology promise to become some of the biggest areas of packaging innovation.

The integration of digital items such as sensors and smart connected packaging have the potential to lead to automatic reordering and digital content delivery.

Environmental impact was also front and centre at the conference, with renewable packaging discussed.

Eye-catching and eco-friendly packaging provides companies with another opportunity to develop distinct branding that sets them apart from their competitors.

According to Nielsen U.S. 63 per cent of consumers say renewable packaging is a key driver in purchase decisions.

PepsiCo have recently created a packaging innovation to its Tostitos crisps called the ‘breathylser bag’ which combined high-tech packaging with a safety-related function.

In collaboration with the Active & Intelligent Packaging Providers, PepsiCo is hoping to push the boundaries further and be at the cutting edge of the food and beverage packaging revolution.

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