CUB launches new ginger Yak ale

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 26th February 2018

A sample of CUB's marketing campaign for the new Rusty Yak

Carlton and United Breweries has launched a new Yak ale variety.

The new ‘Rusty Yak’ is a an alcoholic ginger beer and will be sold both in liquor retailers and pubs from later in 2018.

The launch of Rusty Yak will be supported by a marketing campaign that will feature on radio, video and social media platforms. PR and guerrilla activity will also be used.

The marketing campaign is based on the Yak Ale brewery discovering the ginger gene before going on to create Rusty Yak.

Rusty Yak is described as including a “gingery aromatic punch, balanced with sweetness and rounded with malt”.

Brian Phan, Brand Director at Carlton United Breweries (CUB), said CUB is excited to introduce Australians to Rusty Yak and the cheeky campaign behind it.

“Ginger is the fifth largest style in craft beer and growing, which might come as a surprise to some – just like it’s sometimes surprising to find a red-head in certain families,” Phan said.


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