New cherry nectar from CherryHill Orchards

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 6th November 2017

A cherry orchard in Victoria has produced a new  cherry nectar beverage.

CherryHill’s Cherry VIVE is a whole fruit crush containing 100per cent Australian cherries, not just the juice.

CherryHill Orchards are one of Australia’s leading cherry growers with orchards in Wandin and Cobram in Victoria.

Cherries contain healthy antioxidants called anthocyanins. These have been shown reduce inflammation, improve memory and reduce the symptoms of gout, according to numerous research papers.

Cherry juice’s useful health properties have been confirmed by recent studies by the University of Wollongong which showed that one serve of cherry juice helps to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Cherry VIVE also contains B and C vitamins, calcium, magnesium and dietary fibre.

The product is not overwhelmingly sweet, but instead has a natural and woody taste.

The nectar is not thick meaning it can be consumed as is, or within smoothies as a replacement for fruit juice or sorbet.

Cherry VIVE has no added sugar, flavours or preservatives.

Cherry VIVE is available at selected gourmet outlets across Victoria. A 250ml bottle retails for $5.

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