Coles expands its ‘Quiet Hour’ initiative

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 22nd November 2017

Coles has decided to expand its Quiet Hour program which was created to improve the grocery shopping experience for customers with autism.

Quiet Hour includes implementing a number of steps to help make shopping easier for autistic customers for one hour of shopping a week.

Coles began trailing Quiet Hour at two of its Victorian stores in August 2017. It now will occur at 68 Coles stores Australia-wide every Tuesday between 10:30am – 11:30am.

Quiet Hour initiatives include:

  • Playing in-store music at the lowest level
  • Dimming lighting
  • Turning down register and scanner volumes
  • Removing roll cages from shop floor
  • Avoiding trolley collections and announcements
  • Offering free fruit at the customer service desk
  • Having trained team members available to assist customers

Quiet Hour was created in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia.

Linzi Coyle, Autism Spectrum Australia Aspect Community Engagement and Operations, said Quiet Hour is about creating a non-judgement shopping space.

“Together with Coles, we’re achieving a ‘no-judgement’ shopping space where people on the spectrum and their families can feel comfortable and welcome whilst grocery shopping,” Coyle said.


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