Pizza Hut Australia’s new direction

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 27th November 2017

Image Credit: Sydney Commercial Photography

A new-look Australian Pizza Hut concept has been revealed with the opening of a new Sydney restaurant.

Pizza Hut Australia, which was acquired by private equity firm Allegro in September 2016, has opened the first of its new stores in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo.

The restaurant is described as including “touches of Pizza Hut’s American heritage combined with a fresh Australian contemporary feel”. It features an open kitchen and indoor, outdoor and bar dining, moving Pizza Hut away from operating solely as a takeaway option.

Pizza Hut Australia Innovation Director, Matthew Sawyer, said the new business model is about being globally relevant, whilst making adaptions to suit the local community.

“Our new store will have food created specially to please the residents in the area,” Sawyer said.

“In other locations, we will tailor certain menu items in the same way. This reflects our approach of fusing global and local for our brand.”

Pizza Pete makes a comeback

With the launch of its new look store, Pizza Hut Australia has also decided to bring back its original icon, ‘Pizza Pete’ who will feature on signage and internal store designs.

“We didn’t want to forget our heritage in this rebrand,” Sawyer said.

“For so many Australian adults there are fond memories of the Pizza Hut restaurants where, as a child, the experience was magical.

“We needed to maintain our links to that time – but it needed an update to remain relevant to a new audience.”

Pizza Hut buffet returns…sort of

The all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut buffet, largely phased out in Australia, will also make somewhat of a comeback in the chain’s latest store.

The Waterloo store includes the old ‘Dessert Hut’ with free-flowing ice cream. Unlimited pizza will be available, but only on curtain days of the week.

An express lunch menu and a licenced bar area will feature in the restaurant which will also be used as an ‘innovation lab’ to test new products.

“This restaurant combines the things Australians have always loved about Pizza Hut with our vibrant modern casual dining culture,” Sawyer said.

“It will also allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ changing demands.

“This is the future of Pizza Hut.”


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