SA Food 2017 industry award winners announced

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 27th November 2017

Recipient of The University of Adelaide Education and Training Award – Haigh’s Chocolates at the FoodSA awards Gala dinner 2017. Pic James Knowler / JK+Crew

The winners of the 2017 South Australian Food Industry Awards have been announced.

Taking home this year’s Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award was Tom Robinson and Roger Edwards for turning pipis into a gourmet food product.

The 2017 San Remo Hall of Fame inductee was Nippy’s beverages.

Food South Australia Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Sayer, said the 2017 winners typify the diverse range of food and beverage products manufactured in South Australia.

“Our state is home to highly skilled entrepreneurs and to businesses of all sizes who are contributing significantly, and consistently, to South Australia’s economic growth,” Sayer said.

“It is critical to recognise and build on best practice, and this is something our industry does well, partly through these awards.

“The South Australian Food Industry Awards program, hosted by Food South Australia, and supported each year by Primary Industries and Regions SA, has become a benchmark for industry excellence,” she said.

The awards have been running for 19 years.

Complete list of winners

The full list of the 2017 South Australian Food Industry Award Wines are as follows:

  • San Remo Hall of Fame Inductee: Nippy’s
  • Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award: Tom Robinson and Roger Edwards
  • Bickford’s Group Leader Award: Kris Lloyd
  • University of Adelaide Education Award: Haigh’s Chocolates
  • Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Education Foundation of South Australia Business Excellence Award: Beerenberg Farm (More than 15 FTEs) and Skara Smallgoods (15 FTEs or less)
  • Visy Export Award: Beston Global Food Company
  • South Australian Research and Development Institute Innovation – Food Award: Raw Nation Wholefoods – (More than 15 FTEs) and Greenwheat Freekeh (15 FTEs or less)
  • Food Processing Equipment Innovation – Business Award: Wakefield Grange
  • Foodland SA New Product Award:MOO Premium Foods – Boysenberry and Super Acai Yoghurt (More than 15 FTEs) and Section28 Artisan Cheeses’ – ‘Los Hermanos’ cheese (15 FTEs or less)
  • Peat’s Soil and Garden Supplies Sustainability Award: Ceravolo Orchards (More than 15 FTEs) and Skara Smallgoods (15 FTEs or less)
  • Thomas Foods International Primary Producer Award: Ceravolo Orchards (More than 15 FTEs) and Bultarra Saltbush Lamb (15 FTEs or less)
  • Moore Stephens South Australia Service Provider Award: HMPS (More than 15 FTEs) and Wakefield Grange (15 FTEs or less)
  • PIRSA Regional Award: Sundrop Farms
  • Statewide Super Consumer Award: Robern Menz

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