Byron Bay Cookie launches first marketing campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 4th December 2017

Byron Bay Cookie 's first marketing campaign

Byron Bay Cookie has launched its first marketing campaign.

Titled ‘A Taste of Byron’, the campaign centres around a short film shot in Byron Bay and features local talent, Olive Cooke and Lisa Danielle.

The film shows the pair exploring iconic Byron Bay locations whilst enjoying Byron Bay Cookies along the way.

Byron Bay Cookie’s Taste of Byron campaign launched on 30 November at the Openair Cinema in St Kilda, Victoria.

Byron Bay Cookie will sponsor both the St Kilda and Bondi Openair Cinema’s Summer 2017/18 seasons.

Marketing Manager at Byron Bay Cookie, Emilie Emond, said: “Creating and producing our first campaign is such a milestone for our brand, and we wanted to capture the true essence and beauty of Byron.”

Byron Bay Cookie Company had its start over 25 years ago, first under the business name ‘Pickles, Pies and Petticoats’. When the company was first stated by Maggi Miles and Garry Lines it operated out of a farmhouse in the Byron Bay region.


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