Vegemite announced as 2018 Australian Open ballkid partner

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 4th December 2017

The 2018 Australian Open ballkids celebrating the partnership with Vegemite

Vegemite will be the official ballkid partner of the 2018 Australian Open tennis tournament.

The 2018 Australian Open, set to be held in Melbourne during January 2018, will feature a team of 350 ballkids from across Australia and overseas.

Australia’s top-ranked tennis player, Ashleigh Barty, will also take on the role of Vegemite Ambassador for the Australian Open ballkids.

Barty said she is excited to work with such an iconic brand.

“I’ve grown up eating Vegemite and now travel the tennis circuit with a tube of Vegemite in my luggage,” Barty said.

General Manager of Bega Foods and Vegemite, Adam McNamara, said the Australian Open ballkid squad are one of the most visible assets of the entire tournament.

“The Australian Open is such an iconic event and by fuelling the ballkids we will also be showcasing Australia’s most loved spread to the world,” McNamara said.

“The vegemite brand is focused on vitality, with vegemite being one of the richest sources of B Vitamins, we are thrilled to be helping the Australian Open ball kids in 2018,” he said.

Vegemite was acquired by Bega in January 2017.


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