Montague welcomes second season of Envy apples

Posted by Jack Cain on 2nd May 2018

Montague, an Australian family-owned fresh produce company, are rolling out their second season of Envy apple.

Envy is one of the latest successes from the team at Montague who have been growing fresh produce for Australians since 1948. Sister variety to the already popular JAZZ™ apple.

Envy apples are recognised as the most popular new apple in Asia, achieving incredible demand.

Montague’s Envy apples are available within the fresh produce section at Woolworths supermarkets nationally.

Starting from the humble beginnings of harvesting fresh Australian apples in a family orchard, Montaque have spent over 60 years growing a tight-knit community of hard-working individuals to expand from fruit production to cold storage facilitation and logistics.

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