Aldi aims to increase market share

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd November 2016

After 15 years of operations in Australia, Aldi believes that its present 10 per cent market share will grow to 15 per cent in the next 4 years.

According to an article in The Australian today, major supermarket groups are collectively having to cede approximately AUD $6 billion dollars in sales to Aldi’s 440 Australian stores.

Six years ago, Aldi’s sales were only AUD $3.14 billion but Tax Office figures have confirmed that in Calendar year 2014, Aldi’s sales jumped by AUD $1 billion to AUD $5.8 billion.

Aldi is committed to growth

Aldi from 2016 is committed to a AUD $700 million program to establish 120 new stores in South Australia (presently 19 stores) and Western Australia (presently 17 stores) and to refurbish its 400 east coast stores.

At present, growth remains sufficiently strong in the eastern states to plan for the launch 25 new stores each year for the next 4 years.

The company says it is not looking to destroy any of its rivals but is seeking to build a sustainable, profitable business that delivers value to its customers.

Aldi is particularly keen to compete with its rivals in fresh foods to offer customers a much larger range of fresh meat, ready meals and fruit and vegetables.

Customer reactions to refurbishments already done have been positive.