Jetstar praised for new vegan friendly menu

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 11th December 2017

Jetstar's vegan menu options

Animal rights advocacy group PETA has named Jetstar the ‘Most Vegan-Friendly Airline’.

The title comes after Jetstar recently launched a new in-flight menu that includes two vegan options – Lentil and Tabbouleh SumoSalad with Falafel and Mr Lee’s Noodles with Zen Garden Vegetables.

The new meal options are available now on all Jetstar international flights and will be available on domestic flights from February 2018.

Jetstar also sells a number of vegan snacks including Pringle chips, Munch cashew sesame snacks and olives.

PETA Corporate Liaison, Emily Rice, said Australians are now looking for vegan food everywhere, whether they are in the supermarket or 30, 000 feet in the sky.

“Cruelty-free culture has taken off around Australia, and we applaud Jetstar for listening to the demand,” Rice said.

Alongside naming Jetstar the most vegan friendly airline, PETA has awarded Jetstar a ‘Proggy award’ in recognition of its animal-friendly achievements in commerce.


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