Hog’s Breath steakhouse wins PETA vegan award

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 28th August 2017

Australian steakhouse, Hog’s Breath, has won an award from animal advocacy group, PETA.

Hog’s Breath won the Proggy Award from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for a vegan burger recently added to its menu.

PETA’s Proggy Award recognises animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture.

“A few years ago, some people might have thought that pigs would fly before you could order vegan food at Hog’s Breath Cafe,” said PETA Associate Director of Campaigns, Ashley Fruno.

“But times are changing, and even the most traditionally meaty places are changing with them,” she said.

Hog’s Breath joins a number of other quick service restaurants in Australia which have been adding vegan foods to their menus recently, including Zambrero, Pizza Cappers and Crust Pizza.


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