7-Eleven criticises public health campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 15th January 2018

Convenience chain 7-Eleven has criticised a public health campaign telling Australians to re-think drinking frozen beverages like 7-Eleven’s Slurpee.

Speaking out against LiveLighter’s campaign, which shows a person drinking a large cup of fat in frozen drink packaging, 7-Eleven said it was bewildered the campaign did not acknowledge 7-Eleven offers low sugar options.

Head of Marketing at 7-Eleven Australia Julie Laycock, said the less than one per cent sugar version of Slurpee, named Slurpee Zilched, provides less than half a teaspoon of sugar in a large cup serving.

“Slurpee Zilched is providing to be extremely popular with consumers of all ages, and growing strongly,” Laycock said.

“One in every five Slurpees sold is a Slurpee Zilched containing less than one per cent sugar.”

The new LiveLighter campaign features advertisements at bus and tram stops across Victoria telling consumers “Don’t Be Sucked In” and to rethink sugary drinks.

It comes after a number of Australian food and beverage providers have decided to offer large servings of frozen drinks at low prices this summer.

Chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Public Health Committee, Craig Sinclair, said the campaign aims to fight back at the “enormous” amount of advertising and promotions for frozen drink specials.

“These cheap frozen drinks might seem refreshing on a hot day, but we want people to realise they could easily be sucking down an entire week’s worth of sugar in a single sitting,” Sinclair.

7-Eleven has however said that its low-sugar Slurpee option is available at least one tap in every 7-Eleven store with flavours rotating regularly.

“In response to growing consumer demand, in around 130 of our larger stores, we have converted a second regular Slurpee tap to Slurpee Zilched, offering two Slurpee Zilched flavours and giving consumers even greater choice,” Laycock said.


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