South Australia’s Robern Menz acquires Violet Crumble from Nestle

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 15th January 2018

South Australian family chocolate business Robern Menz has acquired the Violet Crumble chocolate from Nestle.

The acquisition includes global rights to the brand with Nestle gradually handing over manufacturing, sales and marketing to Robern Menz throughout 2018.

The Violet Crumble was invented by Australian food producer Abel Hoadley in 1913. Hoadley created the bar after a piece of honeycomb in a box of chocolates he was selling became very popular and he decided to sell they honeycomb in bar form.

In 1972, a UK confectionery company, Rowntree, acquired Hoadley’s chocolate business, transferring rights to the bar in foreign ownership.

Nestle acquired Rowntree in 1989 and has owned rights to Violet Crumble since.

Robern Menz Chief Executive Officer, Phil Sims, said he was thrilled for the company to take ownership of one of Australia’s most loved brands.

“We are really excited to have partnered with Nestlé and reached an agreement to acquire what is undoubtedly one of Australia’s great brands,” Menz said.

“And as the new gatekeeper of Violet Crumble, we are aware of the responsibility that comes with owning a brand so highly regarded in the Australian market place.”

Robern Menz’s plans for Violet Crumble

Throughout 2018, Robern Menz will develop plans for Violet Crumble that includes re-introducing the product in a variety of nostalgic formats.

Violet Crumble will remain available at leading Australian supermarkets and Robern Menz will be exploring exporting opportunities.

Robern Menz is one of the country’s largest Australian-owned confectionery businesses and already produces a large amount of honeycomb under its Menz brand.

“We are fiercely passionate about Australian brands, and with a significant honeycomb line of our own, the opportunity was too good to pass on,” Sims said.

“With our expertise, we can ensure that Violet Crumble is produced with no change to the recipe and with the same passion and affinity Australian’s have had towards the brand since 1913.”


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