BWS launches new ‘wine-in-a-can’ range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 24th January 2018

One of BWS' new 'wine-in-a-can'

BWS is now selling a variety of wines packaged in cans across its Australian store network.

The 250ml cans include a variety of different wines with Italian Prosecco, French Rose and South Australian Shiraz all part of the range.

BWS is one of the Woolworths Group’s alcohol retail businesses.

Chris Mattes, Head of Wine at BWS, said traditional 750ml wine glasses can sometimes present safety concerns, be difficult to carry or keep cold, so BWS wanted to offer a packaging alternative.

“Innovations such as wine-in-a-can provide a smaller more convenient format that opens the enjoyment of wine up to significantly more social occasions as the cans chill faster than glass, are more light-weight while retaining the wine’s freshness and are easy to recycle,” Mattes said.

“The smaller format also provides for better monitoring of consumption. On average, a can contains approximately two to two-and-a-half standard drinks.This allows customers who enjoy a modest glass or two to enjoy a great wine without having to leave the remainder of a bottle of wine to sit in the fridge or on the kitchen countertop open and untouched.”

The cans are priced from AUD $5.00 – AUD $8.00 and are available in single serves or four packs. Each can has a two-year shelf life.

BWS’ full new wine-in-a-can range is as follows:

  • Crafters Union Hawke’s Bay Rose
  • Crafters Union Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
  • Crafters Union McLaren Vale Shiraz
  • Crafters Union Hawke’s Bay Pinot Gris
  • Le Chat M Pierre Rose
  • Take it to the Grave Pinot Noir
  • Take it to the Grave Shiraz
  • Hootenanny Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
  • Elephant in the Room Pinot Noir
  • Elephant in the Room Chardonnay
  • Mascareri Prosecco

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