Cadbury brings back Caramilk after 20 years

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 7th February 2018

Cadbury has decided to bring back Caramilk chocolate to Australia after it was discontinued more than 20 years ago.

Caramilk, a caramelised white chocolate block, is back for a limited time only after a successful return to New Zealand in late 2017.

After finding out Kiwis were selling Caramilk to Australians online for over $30 a block, Cadbury says it decided to bring the chocolate back to Australia as well.

A spokesperson for Cadbury told Australian Food News that although Caramilk has only started hitting Australian supermarket shelves it is selling quickly.

“Given the demand from Aussie consumers, we’ve now brought a limited quantity to Australian retailers and feedback from the first stores to have the block on shelf is that they’re disappearing fast,” the spokesperson said.

What about Marble?

The decision to bring back Caramilk comes whilst an on-going popular social media campaign continues to petition Cadbury to bring back its Marble chocolate blocks.

Although the campaign’s Facebook page has over 13, 000 likes, Cadbury has not yet made a commitment to bringing back Marble, but has previously said “never say never”.

The challenges of bringing back nostalgic flavours

In re-releasing Caramilk, Cadbury said bringing back an old favourite confectionery presents a lot of challenges from a product development perspective.

“Unlike developing an entirely new product, when we bring back an old favourite we need to ensure we’re delivering a taste experience that matches people’s recollection of the product,” Cadbury’s spokesperson said.

“Often people have a very positive, nostalgic view of a heritage product and the feedback from consumers to date has been that Cadbury Caramilk matches what they enjoyed about the original.”


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