New flavoured butter blend products now in Woolworths

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 19th February 2018

A new Australian-owned brand of flavoured butter blends is now available in Woolworths supermarkets.

The new PureSky Butter, a family owned and operated business, is now stocking Woolworths with flavoured butter blends designed to help consumers make quick but flavourful meals.

Flavour options include roasted garlic and chives and peppercorn and pesto.

PureSky says its roasted garlic and chives butter blend can be used to make a variety of different foods including garlic bread, garlic prawns, pasta, eggs, mashed potatoes and sauces.

Peppercorn and pesto can be added to savoury items such as popcorn, sandwiches or scones.

PureSky Butter spokesperson, David Crewdson, said PureSky wants to help make cooking simple and easy.

“One of my favourite meals is a nice piece of white fish cooked in baking paper with Garlic and Chive butter, tomatoes, lemon and fresh chives,” Crewdson said.

“The butter adds an extra element of flavour to the fish without overwhelming it.”

PureSky Butter Blends have a recommended retail price of AUD $5.00.


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