Maxibon marks 18 years with new marketing campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 14th February 2018

A still from Maxibon's new Bonforce campaign

Maxibon is celebrating its 18th birthday with a new marketing campaign.

Maxibon’s ‘Bonforce’ campaign centres around the story of an elite squad dedicated to enforcing ‘Maxi’ bonding among mates.

The campaign follows on from Maxibon’s 2017 “Never Smash Alone” marketing campaign that was also focused on associating mateship with Maxibon.

Bonforce will play out across social media, digital content, activations and partnership activity.

Hein Pham, of Social at Deepend, the creative agency behind the campaign, said Bonforce is rooted in two key consumer insights.

“Looking at our audience and their consumption habits across products and media, we identified a couple of fundamental points we could anchor our approach in – one being that ridiculous is the new funny, and the other being that late night snacking is on the rise for Maxibon’s core consumers – young males, aged 18-24,” Pham said.

“This snacking moment presented an opportune occasion for Maxibon to intercept and celebrate, but we wanted to do this in a way that would connect with loyal fans. Over its 18 years, Maxibon has established a cult-like following, and we believe the Bonforce provides a strategic platform for the brand to further own male bonding and create ‘Maxi’ bonding moments for our audience.”

Maxibon is a Peters ice cream.


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