Bega ditches Vegemite’s creative agency after 74 years

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 7th March 2018

Bega has decided to ditch Vegemite’s creative agency JWT after 74 years of the agency working with the brand.

The partnership between Vegemite and JWT is believed to be one of the longest standing between a creative agency and a FMCG brand in the world.

Bega will now use Thinkerbell, a Melbourne agency established in July 2017 by a group of leading creative marketing industry professionals.

After acquiring Vegemite from Mondelez International in January 2017, Bega says it hopes changing Vegemite’s agency will help shake things up for the brand.

The new Bega branded Peanut Butter (formerly sold as Kraft peanut butter before the Mondelez accusation), will also be the responsibility of Thinkerbell.

Marketing Director of Bega Foods, Ben Hill, said the time is right to refresh Vegemite’s creative agency.

“Thinkerbell – a new cutting-edge Australian agency – represent everything that we want our brands to deliver,” Hill said.

“With a new team and new outlook, we are thrilled to be working closely with Thinkerbell to instill the Vegemite and Bega brands further into the Australian psyche.”

Thinkerbell Managing Partner, Margie Reid, said Thinkerbell takes a different approach to its work than other creative agencies, focusing on bringing science and creativity together.

“We will use this combination to spearhead the development of a new creative platform that will help both Vegemite and Bega Peanut Butter continue to grow into new markets locally and abroad,” Reid said.

JWT is a global creative agency that began as an advertising agency in 1896 in New York.

JWT is responsible for the highly successful “Happy Little Vegemite’s” advertising campaign and jingle from 1959.

Bega said that the Vegemite team acknowledges with pride the extensive success JWT had with the Vegemite brand over the years, including the Happy Little Vegemite campaign.


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