Bulla launches new ice cream varieties

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 7th March 2018

Bulla's new Cheesecake flavoured ice cream

Bulla is now selling two new stick ice cream varieties and one new ice cream tub flavour.

New to the Bulla range is frozen custard sticks, apple crumble flavoured ice cream sticks and cheesecake flavoured two litre ice cream tubs.

Bulla’s General Manager, Nick Hickford, said Bulla’s latest offerings combine nostalgic family dessert flavours with dairy ice cream.

“We love to create ice creams that celebrate the old with the new, providing a wonderful feeling of nostalgia (and a dollop of the unexpected) with every bite,” Hickford said.

“Our Innovation Centre is where the magic begins and we’re so proud to have an endlessly creative team coming up with new and innovative flavor combinations that continue to surprise and delight Aussie families.”

Over the past couple of years, Bulla has released a number of nostalgia inspired ice cream flavor varieties and products, including, custard, ice cream sandwiches and fairy bread.

Bulla’s new ice creams are available at selected Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets across Australia.

Bulla’s frozen custard sticks have a recommended retail price of AUD $7.99 for a pack of six, Bulla’s two litre cheesecake flavour ice cream has a recommended retail price of AUD $7.99 and Bulla’s apple crumble ice cream sticks are available in six packs with a recommended retail price of AUD $6.80


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