Pepsi Max teams up with TBWA to launch the iconic Taste Challenge campaign with all-stars flaunting their weird and wonderful complex skills to show it’s simple to sip

Posted by Media Release Agency on 8th December 2020

2020 has been an unpredictable year for Aussies, so if you’re feeling thirsty for the plain-ol’-simple, sit back, relax or do something crazy and weigh in on the better tasting cola debate. It only takes one sip.
That’s right, the iconic Pepsi Max Taste Challenge is back and bolder than ever. Australia’s number one thirst-quenching no-sugar cola, Pepsi Max has partnered up with TBWA to celebrate the campaign launch, budding the nation’s quirkiest talent and their complex, unique skills – all in the name of showing how simple it is to sip.
From a world champion figure skater to a stunt double to the stars, on the list of complex things talent could do while taking on the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge included:

  • Celebrity Chris Hemsworth stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton flees the scene and leaps off a car while taking the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge with ease, see here. (But don’t try this one at home, kids!)
  • After outlasting professional athletes on the SAS Australia challenge, former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught shows us her impressive training regime in the gym while taking on the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge, see here.
  • Winter Olympian and World Championships figure skater Kailani Craine adds a little drama to the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge while performing a combination Biellmann spin on ice, see here.
  • Viral roller skating sensation Zulfiye Tufa spinning, moonwalking, gliding and sipping effortlessly, see here.

Quotes from talent on the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge:
Bobby Holland Hanton says: “Jumping and crashing into just about anything while taking the blind cola test is simply, just another day in the office for me.”
Erin McNaught comments: “After recently finishing the hardest few weeks of my life, I was really keen to put my newfound skills to the test, being upside down to try out the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge. It was refreshingly simple!”
Kailani Craine comments, taking inspiration from Legally Blonde: “As Elle Woods once said, ‘What like it’s hard?’ I had so much fun taking on the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge!”
Commenting on the launch, Tiana Handel, Senior Brand Manager at PepsiCo ANZ, said “2020 has been a pretty interesting year, so this year’s Pepsi Max Taste Challenge was about doing something unexpected, and what better way than being bold enough to show how simple it is to find out if Pepsi Max tastes better than its full sugar competitor.”
With all the taste and no sugar, Pepsi Max is the ultimate summer refreshment to be enjoyed while doing something super complex or super simple – all it takes is a sip!
Pepsi Max is calling on all Aussies to take part in the challenge with a simple sip from 30 Nov 2020 to 25 Jan 2021. Find your nearest participating location and get amongst the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge: